A gift-centered answer to the challenge of becoming a young man or woman. At Living the Gift, we believe that we come from a bigger place than our limited intellect can fully comprehend: a place of true and profound gifting. Most of us have forgotten how to re-connect with this place of power and we have forgotten how to enable our youth to relate to it. The result is lack of direction, self-sedation with drugs, promiscuity, digital addiction, bullying and a culture of cruelty.


IS NOT an hormonal tempest.
IS NOT  a medical problem.
IS NOT  a psychological problem.
IS NOT  a social problem.
IS NOT  a problem! Adolescents are simply awakening to their gift (and we are not ready for it).

Living The Gift is the place where we listen to and seek the whispers of calling, the stirring of genius. It is where we create and teach a new literacy of the spirit. From gender-based rites of passage to workshops, to bullying intervention, to individual coaching and talks, we create containers for awakening, recognition and implementation of the genius of our youth.

Living the Gift is a resource for our boys and girls to connect to their gift so that it becomes a solid foundation of their budding lives. From there unfolds an invigorated sense of direction based on a deep perception of self, connection to Nature as spiritual home and a sense of place in community. By owning their gifts, adolescents feel empowered to create their lives.